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Natural Ingredients Are Preferred For Healthy Skin

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Looking graceful is dream of every women and makeup helps in achieving that grace. Women learns the application of makeup to hide the imperfections in the skin. Conventional cosmetics solves the purpose but they have harmful effect on the skin texture and they deteriorate the health of the skin.

Mineral makeup is preferred now days because of its many benefits. Foundation is the base of any makeup as any lines and colors are only added on face after application of foundation. If the application of foundation is perfect then only any form of makeup looks graceful. Mineral foundation makeup gives any kind of coverage from light to heavy and is used less in quantity with regular use because it improves skin texture with regular usage.

Mineral foundation is free from any chemical ingredients as dyes, fragrances and talc and theycomprise of natural minerals which are beneficial for skin. Mineral foundation makeup do not cause any skin irritation and are suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Mineral foundation doesnot clog the pores of the skin and makes the skin to breaththis quality makes the application of mineral foundation possible on every skin texture be it normal, dry or oily. Many women do not prefer to apply makeup on daily basis but they prefer to have good collection of cosmetics, in such case the preference is always given for mineral cosmetics because it do not support bacterial growth as it comprises of natural ingredients. All such qualities give weightage to mineral cosmetics over conventional cosmetics.


Choosing A Suitable Mascara

Long gone are the days when women would buy just one mascara stick and use it for every occasion. Now, with an increased number of makeup gurus introduced newer techniques each day, there is a plethora of makeup options to pick from. If you are opting for mascaras from the organic section it is important to read the mineral makeup reviews so you know what you may expect from the application. One of the elements of mascara brush is as follows:

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This plays an important role in identifying the end product of applying mascara. It determines the angle at which the mascara liquid hits your lashes. If you wish to ensure your natural lashes look thicker and fuller, it is important to pick a brush that has more bristles than a normal brush. Thickening mascaras are usually denser in their texture and this makes them harder to handle. Do not apply too liberally and remove excess if clumps form.

If you wish to curl your eye lashes as you apply the mascara it is recommended to opt for a brush that curls as well. Focus this mascara on your root to get that natural curl.

For lashes to look longer, pick the simplest mascara that has its bristles arranged on a straight wand. These will have both long and short bristles that hit your lashes from various sides ensuring they look longer without you applying falsies on them.

With these varying shapes you can always experiment with your natural eyelashes.