Tips On Getting Chlorine Out Of Your Swimsuit

The chemical chlorine is used in pools for disinfecting the pool water and keeping it free from algae. However, this chemical and salt water (in case you’ve been swimming in the sea) can have a damaging effect not only on your skin and hair but your swimsuit too. In order to increase the lifespan of your swimwear, you need to properly maintain it.


Following are a few tips that you can use to get salt water and chlorine out of your swimsuit.

1. Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

If you are a professional swimmer and spend a lot of time in the pool, then you should select a chlorine resistant swim suit. There are many swimwear brands that have introduced their own chlorine resistant swimwear line. Purchasing chlorine resistant suits can be a tad bit more expensive than normal ones. But these suits also last longer than the regular ones.

2. Rinse Swimsuits BeforeAnd After Swimming

If you rinse your suit before entering the pool then during swimming, lesser amount of chlorine is absorbed in your suit. It is preferable to rinse your suit after every use. This way most of the chlorine will be washed out and not get absorbed by the fabric.

3. Do Not Ring Swimwear

If you ring your suit, it might take lesser time to dry but it can also get damaged more easily. This way your suit’s fitting will get loose. It is better to air dry your suit and make sure you do not put it in direct sunlight as it damages the colours.

Always hand wash your swimwear this way;the fitting will not get damaged and you will be able to rinse out most of the chlorine from your suit.